At Fairfield Veterinary Hospital, we are capable of performing surgeries ranging from routine spaying and neutering to complex soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. We begin with presurgical blood work done in house to ensure that your pet is guided safely through his procedure. In many cases, an IV catheter is placed and IV fluids are run during and after the procedure using a constant rate infusion pump. Preanesthetic agents are given through the catheter to make the induction of your pet’s anesthesia anxiety free. Our surgery room is equipped with 2 Surgivet anesthesia machines that use Isoflurane gas. They are also equipped with Nitrous Oxide to reduce the time it takes to induce the gas anesthesia. This combination makes induction, anesthesia, and recovery smooth and very safe. We use a mask to induce your pet and then put a tube called an endotracheal tube into his windpipe to maintain him under anesthesia during the procedure.

Your pet’s heart and respiration are monitored continuously using a pulse oximeter that measure his blood’s oxygen content and heart rate. In addition, he is also monitored using an ECG/respiration monitor that shows his breathing rate and heart electrical pattern.

After surgery, the endotracheal tube is removed, and your pet wakes up quickly. In most cases, post surgical pain is controlled with injectable pain medications. Oral medications can also be sent home to make sure your pet’s recovery is as smooth as possible.